Who are you and why are you doing this?

If I told you who I really was, I’d have to kill you. Just kidding. Or am I? I’m a current student at a non-T14 law school in a major city in the United States. That should narrow it down to a few thousand people for you.

I started this blog while procrastinating on an appellate brief, which I probably should finish at some point. If you don’t already know, all law students are experts at procrastination. And so are you, apparently – who reads the “About” page on a blog?

What qualifies you to give advice?

Great question. Any chump can post things on the Internet, and some of them do.

I’ve used Macs for over a decade, both personally and professionally, and I like to think I know a few things by now.

If that doesn’t have you convinced, prior to law school I worked in enterprise IT for a huge university. I worked with their law school, medical school, and other departments on all kinds of projects, ranging from exam software to cadaver cameras (pretty much as gross as it sounds) to commencement. I’ve lectured in front of hundreds of students about technology, and some of them may have even listened.

If you’re a law student, you already know that the workload is crushing. If you’re about to enter into law school and are thinking “it can’t possibly be that bad,” come back after 1L year and let me know how it went. I’m always looking for ways to be more productive, beat the dreaded grave curve, and make my already hectic law school life a little easier. I’m currently involved in a clinic, two journals, and an internship – all while taking a maxed-out course load – so my plate is pretty full. (See “procrastination,” supra paragraph 2).

Are you getting paid for this nonsense?

Not unless you’re forking out some cash. As of right now, if I’m recommending something it’s because I’ve used it and like it. If I’m recommending (or trashing) a paid piece of software, it’s because I either paid for it myself or downloaded a trial to test it out.

In the unlikely event that I am getting paid by someone, I’ll be sure to disclose that fact. Hopefully by the time that happens, it will be for my keen legal intellect and stunning good looks,† and not as a result of this blog.

Even if some moron a company decides to pay me, I’ll be sure to give you my honest opinion.

I have a question.

Of course you do, gunner. Use the contact link to get in touch.

† My Torts professor would probably chime in right about here to remind me that this is highly unlikely.