Can I even use a Mac?

The short answer: Yes!

Macs have been growing in popularity – look around the average undergraduate classroom, and you’ll see that close to half of all students are using Macs (and iPhones).

Law school requires very little in the way of software, especially compared to some undergraduate programs. The only thing that you absolutely need is some type of app to type assignments in, a web browser, and the ability to run your school’s exam software. That’s it.

All of the major academic resource companies have been quick to realize that a large chunk of their customers (e.g., students!) are using Macs. Most of their applications run right within your web browser, and nearly every major application has both Mac and Windows version.

In the event that particular program doesn’t work on a Mac, chances are there is an even better Mac version for you to use.

Macs in law school aren’t a problem – you can even get through law school without a computer at all (although I wouldn’t recommend it). If you want to use a Mac, there’s nothing stopping you.


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